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10 September 2014

Hi All,

1. Do you think someone can learn this or is it more a personality trait?

2. Can anyone share any training material regarding this?

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08 September 2014

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08 September 2014

Whats the number 1 thing subject matter experts don't "get" about training?

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05 September 2014

I'm interested to understand how you all justify your decisions around training, particularly when employing external companies? Are there metrics that you are required to produce?

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05 September 2014

I've designed a module on internal customer service, and the client is pleased. They just want one change...

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05 September 2014

Does anyone have experience of designing blended learning programmes? Please can you tell me a bit about your experience? What components did you include in the programme?

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04 September 2014

Hi all

Does anyone have a sample QA strategy document for delivering qualifications that are portfolio based.

Many thanks

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04 September 2014

Which elearning authoring tools are popular in the UK?

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01 September 2014

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29 August 2014


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