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27 May 2015


I am developing an online course and would like to have it accredited. Can anyone tell me the steps and who to contact regarding this.

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25 May 2015

Once again I throw myself on the mercy of the great and good of TZ!

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25 May 2015

Great training is built from many different component parts.

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19 May 2015

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19 May 2015

Hello everyone,

I was hoping someone might be able to help put me in touch/recommend any training recruitment agencies who deal specifically with contract work?

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11 May 2015

Hi everyone,


I've been taxed with creating a classification system to help my trainers to decide what format to use -elearning/classroom/blended learning.


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10 May 2015

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06 May 2015

I have been asked to run a 2hour session for our asiaPac team (10people) around working in a culturally divers team.

Does anyone have any nice activities to share?  Thanks!

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04 May 2015

Hi there

I've been asked to deliver an event for 40 people to help enourage engagement and productivity.  The areas I'd like to focus on are:

- employee well being

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01 May 2015

Has anyone got any words of wisdom, poems or stories rather than theory similar to the "Monkeys ladders and bananas" below? Conflict and change being my main areas of interest.


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