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24 July 2014

Dear SME,

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23 July 2014

In March 2014 I went to the 2nd African Emotional intelligence summit.

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18 July 2014

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16 July 2014

I need to facilitate an awareness session with my team of Directors on taking Ownership.

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15 July 2014

I am facilitating a day event for a team of Marketing professionals.  Part of the day consists of an ideas session which focuses on generating  ideas to achieve some of the department goals.

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14 July 2014

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10 July 2014

We are currently recruiting freelance facilitators to help us undertake learning in the Health and Social care sector.

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09 July 2014

I'm designing a half-day session for the above group who will have at least 3 years management experience and probably more.

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09 July 2014

Anyone know of any documented / academically supported benchmark to use for happy sheet scores?

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04 July 2014

What percentage do you charge?


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