My organisation has a staff compliment of 720 and this will be the first time such an excercice is being carried out.
Henry Michongwe


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Hi Henry
Have you seen this Ask the Expert article on training audits?
Here's the link:
Ask the Expert: Training Audits
Best regards
Claire Savage


Before carrying out a skills audit you need to ask and answer the following questions:
1. What is the objective of carrying out the skills audit?
2. Is it to carry out training needs analysis or something else?
3. Who are the stakeholders involved?
4. Does your organisation have competency framework in place?
5. Is the skill audit for managers/staff or for each and every employee?

The list could go on. You can either use a standard skills audit sheet or customise to suit different job roles. If you like more assistance please feel free to email me on : and I will be more than happy to assist (without any charge ofcourse).



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