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Situational Leadership Diagnostic Questionnaire

I am designing a Situational Leadership Workshop and would like to use a diagnostic questionnaire for the delegates to complete prior to attending the training workshop. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a questionnaire?
Sarah Worthy


A company called MLR ( Management Learning Resources ) in Carmathen 01267 281661 have a whole series of instruments on Sit Leadp. You buy a participants booklet (just a few quid each ) with this they produce a profile of themeselves The people at MLR are very helpful and I have used many of their products, they are very well produced and resonably priced

My previous training manager was very keen on the situational leadership stuff from The Kenblanchard Companies. Their website is and there is lots of information to download. Also, they are not that expensive to buy.

I have a questionnaire you can use for situational leadership. I also have a questionnaire / worksheet based on 4 case studies which outline the 4 different apporaches and ask for the 'correct' style in each case. This is good as a summary of the session.

I'm happy to give you both of these - email me on if you are interested and I'll send them to you.


Colette Johnson

The Situational Leadership® questionnaire is available for purchase through us at£6.80 per questionnaire and Scoring.
Please note that the term Situational Leadership® and the quadrant model are both covered by copyright and should not be used without permission. The model is available for purchase also.

Hi There- the booklets Barry mentions are great, I also have had training on the model provided by Barry, which was excellent

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