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Situational Leadership questionnaire

I am currently writing a training course on Situational Leadership and I would like to send out as pre-work a questionnaire to assess

the leadership syle of the participants.

Does anyone out there has used a similar questionnaire that they can share with me?



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The original is copyright and therefore you ought to either go through the originator and  pay them or not use it, anything "similar" isn't the real thing and is therefore subject to being dismissed.


Rus Slater

PS Personally I find using the assessment questionnaire a nuisance; Situational Leadership is about adapting your leadership style to suit the situation....then telling people what their preferred style is seems a retrograde step to many and can result therefore in a loss of credibility in the trainer/training. 

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Hi Adriana

I absolutely echo what Russ said - SL is about being flexible - flexing your style to the situation, the task and the people undertaking the task, so spending upwards of 30 mins on a questionnaire which tells you your default style is not a good use of time.  Much better to talk about the various styles and ask people if they can recognise which they use most and then to discuss if their preferred way is ALWAYS the most effective.  And then move on to how and when they can use alternative styles to have even better outcomes.

Good Luck




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 Hi Adriana,

I do agree that you should be using the original Ken Blanchard materials (LBAII questionnaire is the one you're refering too). 

But I have to disagree that a questionnaire is not of value. It's more about HOW you use it. Of course if you just get them to fill it out and show them their preference and say there you are....the scope is limiting. But as with most things why would you buy a ferrari and drive it only at 10mph?

If however, you have a full understanding of the materials available and have attended an Introduction to Situational Leadership course (run by Blanchard companies) you will gain a full appreciation of the scope the of the materials. 

The questionnaire for example is not just about identifying preferred style..there are infact four seperate areas that help understand how flexible and effective you are and how to improve effectiveness. In addition the Introduction to Situation Leadership Workbook goes into depth on the Three Skills of a Situational Leader...Diagnosis, Flexibility and Partnering for Performance.

If you'd like more information or like me to send across a copy of the workbook then let me know.







Dear Aferguso

I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad tidings. You might not be aware that Situational Leadership® is copyright.  The exclusive license for the UK and Ireland is owned by GBS Corporate Training who stringently police this license.  No material or images can be reproduced or advertised.  However non Licensed materials can be purchaced from the company.  Companies and individuals have already been successfully sued.

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 Just a point of clarity Newsquest...I'm led to believe GBS have recently acquired the copyrights on Situational Leadership...but Ken Blanchard still have the copyrights to SLII. Two different approaches to the model as I understand it (having spoken with Ken Blanchard Companies directly)




Hello Lee

You are correct. When Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard went their own ways Paul retained the original model under Situational Leadership®. Ken then redefined his model, now called SLII ®. Hersey talks about Performance Readiness Levels whilst Blanchard bases his framework on Development levels. These Development Levels stress a linear progression as opposed to Hersey's Readiness Levels being very dynamic.
However there is no doubt that both models have validity.

Kind regards


Hi Adriana

You may be interested in visiting

Hi all

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but when googling Situational Leadership I noticed that the links above seem to be out of date.

In the UK, Situational Leadership is still exclusive to GBS (updated with current link!) who run the courses and provide materials etc., and Ken Blanchard do the same for SLII.

Hope this helps anyone who comes across this looking for info on Situational Leadership.


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