Appraisal Scheme For Shopfloor Workers

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We are currently trying to create an appraisal scheme for use at production operative level, and I would be gratful for any information from anyone who has operated one in the past, even if it has gone badly wrong! All ideas will be gratfully recieved.
Paul Chetwynd


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Yes -we do contact me at 1344-382015

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I work in a university college and you are welcome to a copy of the forms that we use. They look generic to me. Email me your address if you want a copy.

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We have set up a training matrix of the necessary tasks undertaken in each section, marked up quarterly as to whether the operators are trained, partly trained or not at all in that particular operation.

This, together with efficiency percentages and amount of rejects/scrap per individual gives us an overall tool with which to appraise. Individual appraisals are not normally undertaken, but if an individual is udner-performing or, indeed over-performing then a meeting with their manager would be set up.

If you would like to discuss further, please call me on 01453 793102

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I currently have an assessment programme for shop floor workers related to the amount of machine competence they achieve. However, it has not be moved to an appraisal as yet. I would be interested in some feedback from you on informationreagarding this subject. If anything I have is of any use please email

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Designed and implemented a front line appraisal scheme for all basic grades in the largest parcel distribution company in the UK. Included sorters, drivers, computer input staff and admin staff.

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