What makes us feel good about our work?
Many answers pop into our minds as we ponder the question above: good pay, promotions, friendly colleagues, making a difference, flexible hours. How we rank these factors really depends on each of our definitions of success and satisfaction. View the whole blog: Filtered.com
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22 August 2014
Engaging in networking
When you got into the office this morning what did you do?  Did you perhaps say hi to people as you grabbed your first cup of coffee, read and responded to e-mails, jumped into a meeting or took a call?  Whatever you did, the chances are that it involved some form of communication or interaction View the whole blog: Consultancy on Culture – Thoughts and Insights
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21 August 2014
What are the realities of performance appraisal?
It is well known that the changing global scenario has impacted the performance appraisal structure in many ways. So, it becomes very important to confront the Realities of Performance Appraisal. View the whole blog: People and Performance
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21 August 2014
Using E-Learning to Improve Employee Engagement
At Filtered, we cannot stress the importance of using e-learning as a way to increase employee engagement in the work place. View the whole blog: Filtered.com
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21 August 2014
The Future of Performance Assessment: From Evaluation to Dialogue
Performance appraisal and assessment has been a critical part of the HR practitioner’s process repertoire for decades. View the whole blog: People and Performance
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20 August 2014
Connecting through storytelling
C. MAHALINGAM The skill has the potential to engage employees at all levels, especially, the millennial. View the whole blog: People and Performance
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19 August 2014
How do you tune the employees towards your performance expectations?
After tough rounds of evaluation, (which might include multiple rounds of tests, interviews, group discussions and so on), an organization chooses its new employees.   Now comes the next challenge of making them feel comfortable and happy, and at the same time help them to perform their job well. View the whole blog: People and Performance
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18 August 2014
What annoys you about conferences?
I’m preparing to chair the World of Learning conference at the NEC at the end of next month, so it was with great interest I found an article by Sean Coughlan on the BBC we View the whole blog: Robin Hoyle's Blog
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18 August 2014
What do coaches do when they get stuck?
‘I really don’t know where to go from here’. Those were my honest yet resigned words halfway through a recent coaching session. ‘I’m totally stuck’. ‘That makes two of us’ replied my weary client and we agreed to take a break. Where would the session go from here? View the whole blog: Challenging Coaching
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15 August 2014
What are the simple ways for successful team building?
It takes efficient leadership to build a successful team. Successful team building is both an art and science, where an ideal environment is created for an awesome team to operate. View the whole blog: People and Performance
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14 August 2014
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