From Task to Ask : Creating your First ‘To-Ask’ List
Most of us have a ‘To-Do’ list but how many of us have a ‘To-Ask’ list? This was the intriguing question prompted by a recent CEO-level coaching session. My client and I were brainstorming the capabilities required to achieve a specific goal. View the whole blog: Challenging Coaching
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17 April 2014
When will an improved economic outlook trickle down to training?
I admit to being a bit of an old lefty so yesterday’s news that wage rises have finally caught up with inflation does not inspire unalloyed joy.  In fact many of the apparent recent economic advances leave me a little cold as things still seem to be pretty tricky for very many people and organisa View the whole blog: Robin Hoyle's Blog
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17 April 2014
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16 April 2014
Does natural selection apply to L&D?
The role of a trainer is unusual in the normal commercial world; most people get an appraisal from their boss once or twice a year, wereas every trainer, every day he or she stands up in a classroom, gets evaluated.  By every trainee. View the whole blog: Steve's TrainNation Flipchart
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14 April 2014
How to encourage commitment from your team
In my last post I explored the reasons people follow a leader, concluding that people do so either because of View the whole blog: Lessons for Leadership
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10 April 2014
Book review: Resonate by Nancy Duarte
This is a great book for people who have to persuade an audience with their presentations. View the whole blog: The TrainingZone book club
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08 April 2014
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