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Three ways to keep learners engaged on your training course
Everyone seems to be down on training courses these days. I'm not. I think a training course can be a fantastic way to learn, as long as it's part of a bigger effort and not just a formulaic one-off isolated event with no connection to the real world. View the whole blog: John Tomlinson's blog
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26 April 2015
Want innovation? Know where to start
Finding himself lost in the countryside a driver stops and asks a man leaning on a gate for directions.  After a thoughtful look at the sky the man replies, “Well if I was you I wouldn’t be starting from here.”  It’s a story which we’ve used before but it is one which perfectly sums up the challe View the whole blog: Innovation Station
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24 April 2015
Assertive Skills: The Art of Saying No
  Most people don't want to get a reputation for being difficult or uncooperative. View the whole blog: Burnout at the Workplace
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24 April 2015
TrainingZone Hot Topics: Bilingual benefits & the death of the office
Here’s my round-up of some of the most interesting content and discussions across the TrainingZone community in the past few weeks.   Some of the articles are ours, some are ones we found really useful from other site View the whole blog: TrainingZone Community Buzz
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23 April 2015
Learn to think like a Sales person and sell more training courses (Part 2)
Welcome to the second and final part in the “Learn to think like a Sales person and sell more training courses” blog series. View the whole blog: Ingenious Ideas for Training Providers
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16 April 2015
How you measure training success might be stopping you from succeeding
What is the most important thing about the training courses you deliver? Is it that you get good feedback? You get top marks on the happy sheet? The organisation is willing to invite you back for more work? View the whole blog: John Tomlinson's blog
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15 April 2015
How Being Bilingual can enhance your Engagement
With the rise of globalisation many companies are now comprised of people from a wide range of nationalities. This brings many positive elements, but it also calls for a greater number of employees to be bilingual. View the whole blog: Timpson Insights
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15 April 2015
How Do You Get People More Involved in Learning & Development? Nudge Them!
We’re hearing a lot about Nudge at the moment.  Put simply, Nudge is a book by Thaler & Sunstein on the science of how people use mental shortcuts to make decisions. View the whole blog: 360 Degree Feedback and Talent Management
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14 April 2015
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