It's Not the End of the World: Recovering from Employee Theft
It's a very tough blow to take. You hired the person and the person stole from you. Maybe they were a new employee, a long term employee, or even a good friend. Either way, you're hurting and maybe your business is hurting, too. View the whole blog: Ways in Which Video Conferencing is Enhancing Telecommuting
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26 November 2014
No Training? No excuse.
Chris Pharo, News Editor at The Sun, is in the dock at Kingston Crown Court.  He is accused – along with others – of paying serving police officers, those working in high security prisons and  members of the armed forces for stories.  Paying public officials – all of whom are bound by laws coveri View the whole blog: Robin Hoyle's Blog
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20 November 2014
Secrets of a top toy brand that goes from strength to strength
I read in the Telegraph today about 100 things that have been sent into space. It’s a fascinating list. Everything from a sound recording of a shepherd herding and a saxophone to sea urchin sperm! View the whole blog: Improve your employability and stay ahead of the game.
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20 November 2014
Make your website one of the world’s most popular: the secret? SEO!
I was snooping around the net at the weekend and wanted to find out the most popular websites. I had a vague idea of what they might be, but just wanted a current list. View the whole blog: Improve your employability and stay ahead of the game.
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20 November 2014
How is new technology changing the way we work? – Culture, Curation & Capability
Over the last 15 years we’ve seen technology develop at an exponential rate, forget the industrial revolution, I firmly believe we’re living through the ‘technological revolution’ and that pace of change has driven a profound change in the L&D world itself. View the whole blog: Learning, Technology & Innovation
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14 November 2014
Developing culture
When was the last time you took a positive decision to take a good look at your organisation?  We’re not talking here about changing a job title in response to the latest government missive on pay or restructuring a department in the light of technology developments.  Changes of that nature go on View the whole blog: Consultancy on Culture – Thoughts and Insights
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13 November 2014
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