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The Qualities We Seek in Others - Research Findings
We recently carried out a survey to find out which qualities we value most in others. Given that our survey consisted of a single, open question, the results were quite incredible. View the whole blog: Rod's Blog
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05 October 2015
Seven Habits of Highly Successful Training Providers
Research shows that all leading Training Providers demonstrate the same set of winning habits. View the whole blog: Ingenious Ideas for Training Providers
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02 October 2015
Learning goes digital and mobile
The education landscape is rapidly changing as a result of technology, particularly in the way people are learning. E-learning is already popular amongst millennials (also called Generation Y), and we’re increasingly seeing and experiencing a generation gap. View the whole blog: Rosetta Stone
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01 October 2015
It’s the way you tell them
What makes one person hold an audience whilst someone else sends them to sleep? Why does one person’s interpretation of a play enthral whilst another is panned by the critics? In many instances, borrowing a catchphrase from the late Frank Carson, it’s down to “the way I tell ‘em.” View the whole blog: Consultancy on Culture – Thoughts and Insights
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01 October 2015
Instilling Innovative Behaviours
When you become a parent you start to realise the worth of some of those sayings which your own parents and grandparents trotted out on numerous occasions. View the whole blog: Innovation Station
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30 September 2015
8 Ways To Reduce Cognitive Load In eLearning
You’ve heard the saying: you can’t see the trees for the forest. Does the cognitive load applied by your eLearning obscure key skills and knowledge information from your learners? View the whole blog: PulseLearning
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28 September 2015
The 5 Ps of Vocal Impact in Presentations
When delivering a presentation, voice projection is essential. The 5 P's is a way of maximising all the vocal aspects. P ower - Too loud a voice can be annoying particularly for those at the front of the audience View the whole blog: Thoughts of a grey haired trainer
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28 September 2015
Brain Wars in an Age of Innovation
So Brain Wars, currently my favourite phone app is one year old. Blimey, doesn’t time go fast? To think, nine months ago, I’d never heard of the game that would develop first into my latest guilty obsession and then latterly into an annoying addiction that I can’t seem to shake. View the whole blog: Rod's Blog
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23 September 2015
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