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Activities for Time Management Training

Hi All,

I am developing a one day course on Time Management. I have lots of information (theory), but am looking for some activities/games/exercises related to the topic in order to reinforce the subject material and break the day up.

Any suggestions / ideas that you have would be most welcome.

Greg Williams


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You can obtain course material in regard with time management and other courses from

Hope it helps.

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Hi Greg

I get them to look at time spent now and how it would look in the future, by dividing up a pie chart into the relevant sections of their life. They then compare these and work in pairs to discuss "reality" and "how" they can start taking actions to move them in that right direction.

I also ask sometimes tough questions, "what is your job purpose, write it down in one sentence" and now do the same for your life purpose.

As you can gather, my aim is on time awareness and looking at the whole rather than just "work" or "home". Please get in touch if you would like me to elaborate more.

Angela Brier-Stephenson

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I like to use the 'What's my Time Style booklets from

I also have 4 document wallets with lots of Time Managment materials/ books and the groups have to find thier 'Top Ten' or so tips ( plus also 5 or so 'impractical'ones....)

Then discuss the findings

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Hi Greg,

I have found the following site to be useful:

Click on the link "time management" and you will find a number of activities/games.



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Hi, Greg

This is a bit 'cheesy' but I sometimes ask people to complete the sentence "If I had more time I would.." as an icebreaker.
It's quick and easy and gets people thinking about the real benefits of changing behaviour.


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i have some good activities which I will send to you.


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Hi Greg

Have a look at and the resources section. You should be able to find loads of exercises to help you there.

Andrew Miller

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