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Cartoon showing cartoon men on tree?


I am looking for a printable copy of the cartoon which shows lots of little people on a "tree" - some are hanging on by their fingernails, others have fallen off, some are still climbing the tree, others are at the top etc.

You can use it for loads of things but it's normally in relation to where people seem themselves on the career ladder, or their attitudes to change etc.

I hope someone knows what I mean and can help - sorry if I haven't explained it too well!


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I don't know if this is the right thing or where you can get a good quality image of it.....

this link should take you to the image I am referring to

Thanks, Lisa :-)

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Here is an article on Tree of Life, Emotion Tree, Jelly Bean Tree, Jelly Man Tree which should help you with what you are looking for and how you want to run the exercise.

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I wasn't looking for this, didn't even know it existed - but I am really glad I tripped over it!



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I have used this in the past when delivering Change Management Events.

I start by introducing it in the morning after introductions to see how people are feeling at the moment.
I then re-visit this at various stages through the day and get the delegates to work in pairs to discuss if they have moved on the tree and why, and if they have not moved what is stopping them.

It is a nice simple and easy to set up exercise which flows through the day.


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