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Desert Island Survival Game or Similar

I ran many years ago, the Desert Island Survival Game as an energiser for the start of a Mgt: training day, I have subsequently lost my copy of it.

Can anyone help please, I'm looking for the Desert Island game or similair to stretch the minds of Sales Mgrs, working together as a team, problem solving, decision making,

many thanks in advance
B Sparks


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Hi, was also looking for dessert survival game. it will be great if anyone can forward me the link to the game as well as the solution to the game. I have come accross many version of dessert exercise, which make things very confussing. kindly do the needful.

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Thank you to everyone who has emailed me with suggestions, games etc..

much appreciated

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The following websites as worthe a look as sources of development materials:

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Hi Sue,

many thanks for your offer, my fax number is 0121 697 5709, if I can be of any help in the future with any training support please don't hesitate to call,

many thanks

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I have hard copy version of this and something similar.
If you are interested, I'll need a fax number.

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