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Team Activities for an Assessment Centre

I am running an assessment centre to select delegates for a Management Development Programme and am looking for a team activity. I have a number of activities that I have been using for a few years, Zin Obelisk and Marooned on the Moon being typical examples, but as they are fairly 'well thumbed' a lot of people in the business are familiar with them, so if anyone has any suggestions of something new or different I would be extremely grateful!
Matt Brown


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By admin
22nd Sep 2004 09:52

Hi I have a whole Call Centre Assessment document which includes:-
A group exercise - Isabella Monumento
Numerical & Verbal Reasoning
Individual Presentation Briefs
Feedback forms, and scoring system.

Please email me directly and I'd be more than happy to send it onto you for free.

many thanks

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22nd Sep 2004 12:43

I have two pages that may help. One discusses Managerial Competency Models -

And the other discusses issues associated with using computer simulations on assessment centres -

I hope that this helps.

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By admin
21st Sep 2004 16:51

Escape from Earth and Lif raft are good, you will find them free on

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30th Sep 2004 11:09

We use an activity based on the delegates 'building' their ideal town.
they are provided with a peice of flip paper with a green circle - area of outstanding antural beauty, and a blue line - river, and a compass point, drawn on.
They are then given a brief which outlkines what they are setting out to do . i.e build their IDEAL town, a list and no of buildings, such as pubs, restaurants, schools, gas works, sewage plant, terraced and detached houses, flats, asylum seekers refuge etc.... the list can go on and on. All these buildings are prebuilt from lego so the idea is they place buildings on flip paper. Th point being that they don't tend to build their ideal town, they tend to include sewage and gas works, jail, refuges, large trading estates....all very PC, however during debrief when you ask the question would you live there????? the answer is invariably NO....therefore did you build your ideal town???

lots of thought provoking discussion can be brough out.

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28th Apr 2011 23:59

I noted in an old conversation that there was a copy of the group training exercise Isabella Monumento.

A great excercise wondering iof anyone could send it to me



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19th Oct 2011 15:07


Can you please tell me where can I find an assessment centre document? 

Many thanks! 


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By nshinee
05th Jan 2013 08:02

Hello! i am development and training manager at banking industry! I am running an assessment center to select bank teller but i am a new one. Can anyone send me an assessment center documents or give me some idea?




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By ZoeJ
19th Jun 2013 15:23


I have recently developed a Graduate Program for our business, I am currently confirming the details of the assessment centre and was wondering if anyone could share group activities with me. I have heard of Cooperation vs Conflict? Any ideas?



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