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Time Management Ice-Breakers

Time Management Ice-Breakers

looking for a good ice-breaking seminar for a time management course. the delegates know each other, work in same company, may not know all the names of everyone in the room but want something that is fun to open the course up but also is relevant to time management
vivienne robinson


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01st May 2007 11:29

You could send out a list of "time bandits" in advance and get them to complete the list and pick their top one and then cluster in like minded groups ...this could be a topical opener as well as setting the tone for some of the later activity
(there is a list of common "time bandits" as a free download on my website at


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01st May 2007 14:08

Give each pair a bowl with (pre measured)dried beans in it and ask them to put in a few larger objects (I use fruit. The beans spill out, and the candidates will be doing their best to pile them back in again. Then show them the trick of putting in the fruit first and the beans around them. It illustrates the point of prioritising the big stuff and fitting the smaller things around it. Interruptions for the rest of the day can be referred to as beans.

Hope that helps,

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By admin
02nd May 2007 09:08

Vivienne, have some fantastic short and long exercises around time Mgt: my favourite being The Wedding Planner, takes about 30 mins, or you can extend this time, or in-deed shorten it, dependant on group/time restraints.
You do have to be a member to download material, however this is a minimal fee and is well worth it, due to the amount of material available to you.
Good Luck

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30th Aug 2007 12:18

With your delegates working for the same company, split into 2 groups at the start of the session. At break time ask groups to get together before sending off for tea break. Tell goups they will be working in their groups immediately on their return and therefore will need to return in precisely eg(state 15 mins)Say no more than this. While away, place a brief activity exercise at each group's table, with bold headline - for example PLEASE START THIS GROUP EXERCISE IMMEDIATELY ON YOUR RETURN - YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES TO COMPLETE. Keep the task simple with materials etc accessible. This generates some great discussion around who takes the lead, hesitation, procrastination etc and can be referrred to throughout the session.

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By Thierry
11th Feb 2012 19:43

That is a very good thing to do thank you


Regards Thierry

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