Spaced learning, knowledge sharing and the reality of attention spans

Coffee Break
Shonette Laffy
Deputy Editor
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Give yourself a well-earned break and take five to catch up on some highlights of this week's L&D news and opinion.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared, and tell us what you've enjoyed reading too!


- Along for the ride: thoughts from #LT17UK (Niall Gavin)

- Five reasons learners experience the spacing effect (Will Thalheimer)

- Digital L&D: Beyond e-learning (David James, LinkedIn)

- Chasing the goldfish (Jonathan Marshall)


- 3 ways to collaborate with your team that will boost creativity (Inc)

- Empathy is tough to teach, but is one of life's most important lessons (MindShift)

Apprenticeships for over-50s: Older workers will stay in jobs longer than flighty youth (The Telegraph)

How to use the new 70:20:10 rule for knowledge sharing (Kasper Spiro)


- Chipping away at engagement (Jasmine Gartner, LinkedIn)

- Could Deep Work Wednesdays help your team be more productive? (Buffer blog)

- Maybe you should just do the job you were hired for (Tim Sackett)


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