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As Jon mentioned in the Editor's Blog, you may have noticed some changes following TrainingZone’s big upgrade. The most major of these changes is the removal of Discussion Groups. If you previously ran a group, we want to apologise for not making you aware of this sooner. Unfortunately, while we’ve been seeing more and more excellent content from members on the site, groups were very quiet when compared to other areas, especially Any Answers and Blogs.

Do more with less: Train smarter not harder (Part 1)

Owners, MD’s and Marketing Managers at training companies regularly tell me they are constantly under pressure to “do more with less”, having to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver training and grow their business.

Client budgets are being squeezed, saturation amongst training providers is high and operating costs continue to climb.

Despite these challenging conditions, business change and growth still needs to occur – CEO’s are now looking to Directors and Managers to be the catalyst for this change.

Win your Competitive Race with Extended Enterprise Learning

This whitepaper will introduce you to the topic of Extended Enterprise learning and outline why and how organizations use an LMS with eLearning to engage their external audiences of channel partners, customers and users.  Learn about the tools and technology you’ll need to engage the voluntary users of the extended enterprise and how to get going at your organisation.


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10 Work Email Misuse Guidelines For Employees And Managers

Business email networks can be incredibly powerful in terms of contacting large numbers of people in a split second, but this is also where a range of problems can arise. The impulsive decision to click ‘Reply All’ instead of ‘Reply’ can actually be the difference between keeping a job and being dismissed in the most serious circumstances, which is why HR managers should be on the lookout for certain tell-tale signs of email misuse.

For employees:

How do you deal with pessimists?

I am working with a client whose optimism both terrifies and inspires me. They are surrounded on all sides by difficult circumstances, challenging prospects and dubious possibilities. Yet at each coaching session they show up with excitement, conviction and enthusiasm. How do they do this? Why don’t they fall over in a heap like the rest of us? What is the ‘x’ factor that allows them to keep choosing optimism over ‘giving up’ or ‘getting frustrated’ or ‘blaming everyone else’?

How Digital Agencies Should Train Employees

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and currently employs thousands of people. However, there aren’t currently many official standards and education organizations where those interested can easily learn the best practices of the trade.

With just few universities around the world offering such education, digital agencies often prefer to train their employees. Often, this training can be broken down to the following categories:

Engagement Methods at a Young Level

Half the battle with getting young people to fulfil their potential is encouraging them to recognise the benefits of the opportunities available to them. It can be incredibly difficult to impart information to someone who is unwilling or uninterested in learning, so it is important to overcome any barriers to the process as soon as possible in order to maximise the capacity for the individual to realise their potential.


How does Tin Can API work in the real world?

I’m sure that by now many of you will already have come across the biggest buzzword to hit E-Learning town since the second coming of SCORM in 2004.

Yes folks, a new standard has landed on our shores and it’s called Tin Can API (AKA Experience API).

So what is Tin Can? What does it do? What does it look like? And what can it do for your organisation? Well let’s have a look.


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