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As Jon mentioned in the Editor's Blog, you may have noticed some changes following TrainingZone’s big upgrade. The most major of these changes is the removal of Discussion Groups. If you previously ran a group, we want to apologise for not making you aware of this sooner. Unfortunately, while we’ve been seeing more and more excellent content from members on the site, groups were very quiet when compared to other areas, especially Any Answers and Blogs.

A crowdsourced personality profile?

A while ago I wrote about an idea to use crowdsourcing to provide feedback and appraisal to employees.  My views at the time were that there is a place for information sharing and some positive reinforcement within close teams, but that the nature of unstructured feedback can make it a double-edged sword.

So let's hear it for Knozen, a new app that allows you to 'rate' your colleagues anonymously. And not just rate your colleagues, but their

Feedback in a law firm; why it's so unpopular (and how to change that)

We are delighted to share a guest post this week from Jamie Pennington of Pennington Hennessy, a behavioural change consultancy working within the Professional Services sector.

In this post, Jamie considers what are some of the barriers to successfully embedding the critical process of giving and receiving feedback within a law firm, and what is needed to overcome these.

Customisation: the key to increasing the business impact of your learning mix

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” So said Henry Ford, the pioneer of the mass market car about his model T, over 100 years ago.

Attitudes to consumers have come a long way since then and now we live in a world dominated by personalisation. The doyennes of this new world are the likes of Amazon and Google who customise their suggested purchases and personalise your search results based on what they know about you.

Learning with business impact – is your organisation getting what it needs?

L&D is failing to deliver learning which has a lasting impact for two thirds of UK businesses.

This is the headline finding of research we have published this week into the opportunities and challenges facing L&D in 2014.

Our study also found that, as organisations face increasing pressure to transform – whether that is driven by new business models, culture or a drive for greater efficiency – L&D is the function they are calling on to help them build the capability to support that change.


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