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As Jon mentioned in the Editor's Blog, you may have noticed some changes following TrainingZone’s big upgrade. The most major of these changes is the removal of Discussion Groups. If you previously ran a group, we want to apologise for not making you aware of this sooner. Unfortunately, while we’ve been seeing more and more excellent content from members on the site, groups were very quiet when compared to other areas, especially Any Answers and Blogs.

The Most Secure Learning Cloud Based Apps

Nowadays, learning new skills and gaining knowledge has become incredibly easy, as well as accessible mostly thanks to the advancement of the web and cloud based solutions. Today, you can attend courses in some of the most prestigious universities in the world and learn skills of the trade from talented professionals without leaving the comfort of your home.

Do more with less: train smarter not harder (Part 3)

Welcome to the third and final instalment in the series, “Do more with less: train harder not smarter”. Over the course of this blog series. I’ve tried to show you some of the original and innovative ways that Owners, MD’s and Marketing Managers at training companies like yours are using to grow and change their business.

UK Budget: Workforce training still out of the picture

Marc Zao-Sanders, co-founder of, shares his views on last week’s pre-election Budget.

With the General Election just round the corner, last week’s Budget gave us an important insight into the Government’s priorities.  For SMEs there was quite a lot to be enthusiastic about. But more should be planned for upskilling the UK workforce.

7 Tips to Successful Project Management

Project management methodologies such as PRINCE 2 may make project management seems like a straightforward process. You follow the methodology, produce the documents, pass the gates and the project gets done…. right?

Wrong, in reality, project management is rarely straightforward. A project manager is trying to keep many plates spinning and must possess a range of capabilities to successfully deliver a project.


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