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As Jon mentioned in the Editor's Blog, you may have noticed some changes following TrainingZone’s big upgrade. The most major of these changes is the removal of Discussion Groups. If you previously ran a group, we want to apologise for not making you aware of this sooner. Unfortunately, while we’ve been seeing more and more excellent content from members on the site, groups were very quiet when compared to other areas, especially Any Answers and Blogs.

How to conduct an effective 360 Degree Feedback Debrief

You may have gathered by now if you have been following this blog over any length of time that we place great importance on the conversation which happens within a 360 Degree Feedback process.

Our 'Meaningful Conversations' suite of training programmes is designed to build the capability and confidence of Line Managers in handling the one-to-one conversations they have with their team members as part of a robust Performance Management practice i.e. Setting objectives, giving feedback, coaching and performance appraisals.

What does pedagogy mean when it comes to online learning?

When working with training organisations to plan and develop their blended delivery model I often find that they haven’t thought much beyond getting learning content online. In actual fact staff development is the most important aspect of achieving good blended delivery. The first thing that always seems to come to providers’ minds when staff development is discussed is how to use the functionality of a learning management system (LMS), or other type of online learning portal, and the creating of online learning content.

What is Periodic Monitoring of Employee Performance?

In my last article, I discussed on how performance planning  helps organization to achieve their goals, as well as how it encourages employees to perform to their full potential.  But performance planning alone will not produce the desired results.  Like any other planning activity, the performance plan would have to be followed up by periodical monitoring and tracking activities to measure employee performance.

QA- two letters to avoid a lifetime of regret

Written by Suvidha Chetan

Picture the scene – having submitted your work in time to meet a tight deadline, you take a moment to collect your thoughts whilst perusing the very work you’ve just submitted with an air of pride.

 But wait, what’s this? Your post-deadline euphoria is shattered in an instant as you realise that you’ve made a glaring error in your submission.

Top 10 Tips for First Time E-Learners

So you’ve enrolled for your first E-Learning course and you’re wondering how to get the most out of it. Just like traditional learning, successful online students tend to be self-motivating, disciplined and organised.

If you’re new to E-Learning and not sure where to get started, Aurion Learning have compiled 10 top tips that will help you start your online learning journey on a good foot:

Tweak Mountain

Or as JM Keynes put it: "The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as escaping old ones."

We've all been there haven't we? We see an opportunity to help individuals or a team to improve their performance; we put thought, we put expertise, we put effort into identifying what could be done only to be greeted by that familiar refrain:

"Oh we tried that in 1972/1984/1997/2002* and it didn't work"


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