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As Jon mentioned in the Editor's Blog, you may have noticed some changes following TrainingZone’s big upgrade. The most major of these changes is the removal of Discussion Groups. If you previously ran a group, we want to apologise for not making you aware of this sooner. Unfortunately, while we’ve been seeing more and more excellent content from members on the site, groups were very quiet when compared to other areas, especially Any Answers and Blogs.

Systems architecture 101: what you can’t ignore when developing a new business application

Written by Sagar Mohan

Having completed my induction at Saffron as the IT Technician/Developer intern, I had a feeling of accomplishment. It can be overwhelming when multiple systems are thrown at you. However, the implementation model we’ve got in place makes new starters feel at ease.

E-Templates – A new approach in Rapid E-Learning Course Development

elearning templates

Advanced eLearning Authoring Tools have made eLearning Development Easy

The rapid and extensive advances in technology have brought on incredible innovation in all fields of human interest. The impact of the same can be seen in the e-learning space, and these days, this specialized segment is breaking new ground continuously. 

Simplify - simply fly

I have a vague recollection that there used to be a logoed t-shirt with “Simplify – simply fly” on it.  Something to do with Google?  If I have inadvertently transgressed a trademark then I apologise now! This phrase came to mind today when I was reviewing some of the work we have been asked to complete in the past few weeks by clients new and old.  There is emerging a real drive to simplify: a drive to get back to the key elements of 360 feedback or performance appraisal and ensure those key elements are done well.

Multi-device Testing: Challenges, Considerations and Solutions – Webinar

The ever expanding range of devices used by people today has redefined the way eLearning is developed. eLearning now needs to be accessible on almost every device to give learners the flexibility to learn. At any time. From any place. What this entails is a thorough testing of the learning resource on all target devices.

Enter Multi-device Testing.

Getting Promoted – A Mini Case Study

The following is based on a recent Coaching session with someone we shall call John who was 6 years into work after starting with a large logistics company as an Apprentice.

I was surprised to say the least when John told me he was going to leave the company and look for another job even though he really enjoyed what he did and was seemingly very good at it. His reasons were that others who had joined the company after him had ‘overtaken’ him and got promotions that he felt he should have been in line for.


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