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And the winner is...

The HIGNFY-like: "Large chicken disguises itself using schoolgirl mask and shoes"














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Courtesy Everett Collection/Rex Features


Congratulations to Ray Jordan who has won this month's caption competition! A bottle of wine will be winging its way to you.

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"I knew you said there'd be role play as part of the training, but this is ridiculuous!"

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"Our company decided to start recruiting it's high flyers early this year!"

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"Susan's 'Self Transformation' workshop worked better than expected!"

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"I had a strange feeling that I had been on Twitter for far too long...."'s picture

This is what happens when you learn things "parrot fashion"...

"YES! I was here first..."

 After she inhaled rather too quickly, Camilla felt quite down in the mouth 

Hide the superglue first 

When the shooting season’s started 

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Laugh all you want, you're the one who's collecting the egg I just laid ;-)

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