5S In the Office

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I've been asked to identify ways of involing office staff in our 5S programme. Teaching them how to do it is no problem but what I can't find is case studies, information or materials that focus on 5S in the office.

Is anyone out there aware of anything that will help?

Thanks Dilys
Dilys Reynolds


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16th Jul 2001 12:56

We have an office based 5s chart and audit sheet. If you want me to fax you a copy, or talk about what we do, please contact me on 01494 605361. Jenny

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23rd Jul 2001 11:48

Having just picked up your question - we run funded 1 1/2 day courses covering 5s and Kaizen concepts. It would be very easy to adapt these to meet the requirenments of the office workers.
Please contact me on 01539 568909 if interested..
Ben Keayes

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