Advice in how to get started in freelance training

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I'm seeking some advice on becoming a freelance trainer. Having worked in the media industry for many years as a music consultant/broadcaster/researcher mainly within radio, I now wish to branch out into a training career.

I'm very much interested in personal development, life coaching, mentoring and have some experience in running workshops as well as one-2-one albeit within IT.

How necessary is it to have a qualification? and if possible could anyone recommend a reputable Company.

Any other tips will be most welcomed.

Many thanks in advance!


Angela Ballard


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18th Oct 2001 14:01

I to am taking the first steps in becoming a self employed frrlance trainer. I have worked in the training organisations on and off for years but would now like to have a go on my own.

I would appreciate sharing information on how this can be achieved.

Peter Williams

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17th Oct 2001 15:12

Have a flick through the previous any answers responses to this question. And also seriously cosider looking at our
How to:Go Freelance ,
Howto: Begin your career as a trainer ,

How To: Become a Microsoft certified trainer

The general catetgory Trainer Development in the Library

Hope this helps!

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