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Alternatives to Role-Play

22nd May 2001
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Role plays fill some delegates with dread. They can also be somewhat repetitive if frequently used.
Does anyone have any useful alternatives that allow delegates to practice and observe behaviours without all the drawbacks of tradional role-play.
Thanks in anticipation.
Andrew Rea


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By VinceT
22nd May 2001 10:32

I work for SkillSoft, we produce e-Learning courseware which have roleplay's built into the learning. When the student has reached a stage when they may want to put what has been learnt to the test, the role play puts them into a situation which they control with a selection of responses to that situation. The courses use sound and photo images which enable the student to see the facial reaction to the response as well as hear how the person feels with the tone and inflection used. When the role play has ended then feedback is given. The student is in control of this at all times and can repeat the role play any number of time until they feel comfortable. This gets round the 'dread' that is felt as your peers are not involved - it is the training material and the student who interact. If you would like more information, please contact me [email protected]

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By AnonymousUser
28th May 2001 10:48

I make extensive use of MTa Kit activities. Depends on the type of situation you are trying to simulate. If you want to email me at [email protected] with a little more detail of your situation I would be happy to advise.


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