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Anger management

3rd May 2000
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Due to the nature of the question to give full details of the problem would be unprofessional and inappropriate on this forum.
Nevertheless I do need some help and advice on how to deal with the terrible anger and sense of betrayal I feel due to the treatment I have received.
Whilst realising that this is maybe more to do with psychology than training I havent yet found an adequate way to deal with it and wondered if anyone out there had any advice?
Suni Waterstone


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By admin
04th May 2000 12:26

I could offer some help if you first contact me via e-mail, I will then conact you if you wish.
[email protected]

Best wishes


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By admin
05th May 2000 10:55

Dear Suni

You're right, anger management is partly to do with psychology. Feeling 'out of control' or maybe just 'not in control' can be extremely frustrating and in itself annoying!

We are Occupational Psycholgists who help people realise their full potential in a business environment. I would be delighted to talk to you about your frustrations and hopefully point you in the right direction.
Please ring me on 020 8871 5063.

Kind regards


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Hari Kumar Thapa
By nepalinerd
28th Jun 2022 04:23

Wow, this is an old article.
I do not have any particular advice or tips on Anger management but all I can say is this thing destroys. Relation with Family, Friends and CO-workers.
I do not have a severe anger issue but I think I am angry most of the time.
On little things and have been looking around for solution.
Mediation, Me time, New skills any thing that gonna keep me busy.
Hope you've overcome through this.

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