Bank Note forgeries

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I am looking for a video to train staff on detecting forged notes so that they don't accept them! Anyone any ideas?
Claire Molin


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10th Jul 2001 16:28

Hi Claire,

I used to use a Barclays Bank video, which gave all of the key points to look out for, unfortunately it was over 8 years old. I would also try your local Police crime prevention unit, as they were able to run inhouse training sessions.


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09th Jul 2001 11:48


Try the British Bankers Association

If you don't have any luck give us a ring at MMT 0208 7441624 and we will see if we can find you something



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12th Jul 2001 12:12

some years ago I worked with Bingo Clubs.
Both Top Rank and Gala will have faced this problem. They probably have a central/head office specialist who can assist.
Each local club will face the problem daily and may be happy to advise.
good luck.

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