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Over the past couple of days I have been writing a series of articles looking at learning and development from a data science perspective. Below are the links to all the articles. In time I will put all the articles into a PDF ebook for those interested in reading them all together. I am also writing a small ebook which will look at learning and development analytics in a more focused way. I will let you know when that is published. My main goal with these articles and other resources I create around learning and development analytics is to challenge us as learning and development practitioners to become more data-driven so that we can readily show evidence of the value we add to our organisations and also improve the quality of our learning and development initiatives.

In my next series of posts, I will write about the four levels of learning and development analytics.

  1. Does L&D need data science
  2. Are you into big data and machine learning yet - part 1
  3. Are you into big data and machine learning yet - part 2
  4. Data science is not all about machine learning
  5. L&D Data science process
  6. L&D Data science process - define the question
  7. L&D Data science process - get the data
  8. L&D Data science process - prepare the data
  9. L&D Data science process - explore the data
  10. L&D Data science process - analyse the data
  11. L&D Data science process - communicate results

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