Facebook Content Marketing? Learn These 5 Tips!

18th Jul 2017

Facebook Content Marketing

Don’t you get totally frustrated when your post fails to get a significant amount of reach? If you say yes, then you are one with Facebook Page Managers. But there is one thing that may stop this from happening - engaging content!

What causes your posts from getting the “intended” reach are your posts. If your Facebook Page fans and followers don’t see your contents engaging, they will not even bother sharing it to their friends. Sharing, on the other hand, is the part that makes your post reach levels that you think is good.

 Here are tips on creating Facebook contents that count:

  1. Make Them Smile: Being serious is not always going to make you look professional. You need to learn how to incorporate humour into your posts to get your fans into a sharing frenzy. If you can remember any viral video or content, what do you think lead to its virality? In fact, if your posts are very serious, it becomes very boring, and your fans will not even finish consuming them. But you don’t have to make your posts a laughing stock. Just induce some smiles. That will be enough.
  2. Give Inspiration: Positive and warm emotions bring about the same effect as making your fans smile. Consistently posting inspiring contents will increase your fan base because in today’s stressful environment, people are looking for inspiration. They help everyone to cope up with whatever they are dealing with, and will make them loyal followers.
  3. Provide Correct Information: Have you ever heard news about magazines and newspapers publishing poorly researched contents? And have you heard about what the outcomes were? If fans notice that your contents are poorly researched and not trustworthy, they will very likely stop following you. Moreover, aside from not sharing your contents, they will probably tell a couple of their friends, and friends of friends. Providing correct and great information on your contents makes you an authority over your niche.
  4. Use Images: Facebook is a good channel to present images about a lot of things - infographics, photos, selfies, events, and many more. Facebook is a visual medium where you can entice your fans to share your images to their friends. Just make sure it is suited to a general public including kids, and include humour and information - and fans will be raving about them.
  5. Perfect Timing: Don’t be all about an event that happened long time ago. Stay with the current trends, current events, and your content will shared to a good amount of people. Post contents that will help your fans cope with the latest news about your niche. A manufacturer released a new product? That will be a great post.

Wrapping Up: Facebook Content marketing is not that hard to do, but it is definitely easier if you follow the tips we shared above. Do you have other tips to share? Tell us on the comments section below.

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Mark Ben
By markben
26th Jul 2017 12:07

Hey Mate! Thanks for the great tips it really works for me when I start a marketing campaign on Facebook. :)

Mark @ https://techocrunch.com/

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