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The Ten Presentation Skills Commandments

19th May 2013
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Ten Commandments of Presenting

1.  Thou shalt speak loud and clear

2.  Thou shalt look at your audience (not over their heads or at your PowerPoint)

3.  Thou shalt use your own voice, the voice you talk to friends with

4.  Thou shalt stand still at the start and whenever you can after that

5.  Thou shalt have something you want to say

6.  Thou shalt use your own words to say it

7.  Thou shalt speak honestly from your head and your heart

8.  Thou shalt pause to let your audience think

9.  Thou shalt not be boring

10.  Thou shalt be brave and give it your best shot

Have a look at our Resources page for loads of other useful presentation and communication skills articles.

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Replies (2)

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By Scott Hewitt
21st May 2013 09:49

A great resource for presentation is the website by Garr Reynolds.

The book Presentation Zen also has some excellent advice on preparing presentations and slides.  It really is worth reading.

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By SteveRobson
21st May 2013 11:41

Can I ask what the purpose of the "10 commandments" is?

I have only 2 thoughts...

1) If you have no experience of presenting they won't help

2) If you are an experienced presenter they won't help?

Who are they aimed at? The more I read tem the more strange they seem?



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