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Careers development at a young age

8th Aug 2016
Owner Develop-meant Training Consultants
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[[{"fid":"5536","view_mode":"small_image","attributes":{"alt":"Develop-meant Learning and Development","height":"124","width":"220","class":"media-element file-small-image"},"fields":{"format":"small_image","field_image_accreditation[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Develop-meant Learning and Development","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"","field_folder[und]":"1"},"type":"media"}]]When I was at school, it would have been amazing if a teacher had said: "Adrian, the reason I'm asking you to trot around the playground with a trundle wheel is because..." and: "Ade, the reason I'm asking you to do this with a Bunsen Burner is..."

If "careers" had been embedded into Maths, English, French, Science, Physical Education, Geography (I knew what an Archimedes Screw was, however, would I know what to do if I bumped into one?!) if, if, if, lessons had been made more relevant to me leaving school aswell as achieving a good exam grade, who knows where I'd be now? Teachers, are you allowed to make your lessons come alive with the sound of "careers"?



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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
09th Aug 2016 11:02

I'm not sure how much modern lessons are geared towards vocations/adult life (I'd have appreciated a lot more information on writing CVs, applying for jobs, how to open a bank account and manage money...), but I do agree that a big problem with school for a lot of people is seeing how it will apply in later life, rather than just being a series of tests.
However, this also seems to be some of the thoughts that came out of last week's Twitter chat - in that many managers & employees don't see what the long term point of training is, or aren't often made to think about what development needs they have, or how those can/should align with business objectives.

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