Mobile Learning Trends for 2019

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As the Mobile Learning solution becomes a “must have” from a “good to have” solution, the focus shifts to what measures you should adopt to maximize its impact.

Look no further—our Infographic on Mobile Learning Trends for 2019 provides precisely the pointers that you can use to enhance your online training delivery.

With this adoption, this is the impact that you will see:

  • Higher learner engagement.
  • Better completion rates.
  • A sticky learning experience.

Infographic Mobile Learning Trends 2019

We hope this Infographic provides the required pointers on how you can use these Mobile Learning Trends to enhance the impact of your online training delivery. Want to learn more? Reach out to us.

About ashapandey

Asha Pandey

Asha Pandey is the Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design. She brings her rich 16 years’ experience into play to help EI Design customers transform their learning and keep pace with the changing dynamics in the Learning industry.


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