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Our classrooms are now expanding beyond the four walls, and learners and trainers are looking for more avenues beyond the existing face to face live classroom training and eLearning methods. Blended learning is the new way to go. Blended learning is the type of learning method where we combine both virtual training and face to face classroom training and design a highly effective and practical learning process. A well designed and implemented blended learning course can help you in setting and achieving high learning goals.

There are now many E-learning platforms that help learners and trainers to do blended learning. E learning platforms such as Learning Management System (LMS) comes with different tools and widgets that help in accomplishing different tasks. eLearning platforms helps in bringing both live classroom learning and virtual learning into a unique integrated environment. eLearning platforms helps in organising training activities and manages learning courses. They also help in organizing classroom training sessions and also store and analyse all training data. E-learning platforms not only helps in managing the learning content, but also helps in proper documentation of the whole learning programme.

eLearning platforms provides you with tools to upload content. It also has tools that help in classifying and sharing the data with different groups of users. E-learning platforms also makes it possible to create catalogues of courses and also create learning plans. E-learning platforms such as LMS helps in managing the training activities with a set of features that are explicitly for that purpose. Planning and scheduling of the training programme is easy as never before with the help of these tools. eLearning platforms also provide data related to training and users that are highly important for companies for analysis and also to accomplish all compliance requirements.

Whatever be the learning plan that you have designed under the blended learning program, eLearning platform tools and features will help you in simplifying and streamlining the whole training process. Using an LMS makes it much easier to manage your learning plan. The user database helps you create groups of learners and assign the role of teachers to specific individuals. The notification too helps you promote your courses, share relevant documents and logistics, and send invites. For a 100% face to face training session, you can set out a calendar for the event, define a location for every session to be conducted, and also assign tools or equipments for the classes. Generating the training certificates and checking attendance are other added features. All this information is stored in a database, making it easily accessible. A single management tool helps you plan, organize, deliver, and even track all your activities for the blended learning process.

Blended learning helps you utilise the full power of LMS. Your training strategies get uplift, and become more effective and easily manageable. Using all the features above, it is much easier to set and achieve high learning goals for your blended learning plan.

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About elearningserv

About elearningserv

Swift Elearning Services Private Limited is specialized in content development using Rapid eLearning tools like 
- Adobe Captivate, 
- Articulate Studio, 
- Articulate Storyline, 
- Camtasia, 
- Lectora, 
- Adobe Flash 
- Composica, etc. 

We are specialized in following services: 
1. Custom eLearning Solutions 
2. Mobile Learning solutions 
3. Translation and Localization 

In tune with the emerging trends in elearning, we have built capabilities to develop mobile learning courses, compatible to all iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and Web based systems. 

To serve global clients in translating their training modules and courseware to cater to their regional offices and training requirements, we offer translation services in various languages like: 
- Spanish 
- German 
- Chinese 
- Japanese 
- Arabic 
- French 
- Russian, etc. 

The USP of Swift Elearning Services Pvt. Ltd., are as follow: 
1. We always focus on delivering a course which is rich in graphics and interactive to help the learners get best out of the deliverable. 

2. We allocate dedicated Project Managers to each client to eliminate any communication gap and our team ensures that any email received from the client is replied as soon as possible. 

Email: info[a]


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