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Frank Coutinho
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In today’s technological and social media age, it is essential that companies offer social media training and adopt social media usage requirements at work. Social media is how people communicate, people use social media to discuss and share experiences from their lives, and since work takes up such a large part of our lives, it is no surprise that people may also use social media to discuss their work experiences too. Besides, as more and more companies are adopting social media strategies to engage with the general public and their social media followers, they are also relying on their employees to document and share specific work experiences with the public. Companies want their employees to share their own social media posts at work because it will make their message more credible if other people are spreading their message, and not just the company’s official Facebook or Twitter account.


While there are a lot of benefits for businesses to gain from using social media, they are also acutely aware that a typo or mistake can have a negative impact on their brand’s image too. Therefore, it is very essential that companies invest in the proper marketing training to ensure they minimize the likelihood of any mistakes or inappropriate content from being shared online with the public. We will cover how a business can provide the correct social media training to its staff, and to ensure only the right content is shared online.


Avoid Micro-managing

Many younger employees have many years of experience using social media so there is no need to teach them every single feature or use of social media because it can be very monotonous and mundane for them going over this information. On the other hand, there are also a few employees who have a social media degree and access to a reference guide which will have everything they require to help drive great results through social media usage. Besides, some companies may want to have layers of management and approval processes, allowing employees a bit of freedom and spontaneity will ensure that their social marketing training efforts aren't stifled or stalled.


Don't Reinvent the Wheel

There is no reason for a business to try and start a training program from scratch. Instead, they can save a lot of time and energy by using a pre-existing social media marketing program offered by social media agencies that are very seasoned and experienced in this space. By partnering with a program provider, businesses can be more confident and sure that their employees are receiving the very best training that is thorough and complete. Also, by using a pre-built social media training program that is tried and tested ensures the business does not have to wait weeks or even months for their employees to start their training. Instead, their training can begin immediately, which will allow the business to start seeing the benefits of having a socially fluent team in much sooner.


Create Clear Policies on Usage

Once employees complete their social media education programs, many of them will be involved with these social networks on a daily basis. This daily usage will inevitably lead to a few problems or mistakes. However, the very best way to avoid these problems is by providing an easy way to reference company social media policies that are already in place. These policies should be thorough, but not overly wordy. By taking the time to create this type of documentation, businesses can adequately support their employees while also ensuring that everything is handled in a manner that's consistent with the company's brand.


Review and Adjust the Strategy

When it comes to social media usage, it is essential not to have a "set it and forget it" mentality. Social media is not a static object; it is a sophisticated tool that is continually changing. For example, a very new service being offered by Social Tradia allows social media users to buy and sell social accounts safely and seamlessly, this service wasn’t available a few years ago. A company’s training program and usage policies should be evaluated on a regular basis. One of the significant advantages of having all the members of a business involved is the amount of feedback that is being gathered during these review sessions. When specific issues are identified based on user experiences, and analytical data, everyone can come together and intelligently brainstorm ideas on how to improve the overall social media program. By continually adjusting and revising its social media strategy, a company is ensuring its social media success.


In conclusion, any company today can benefit from using a social media strategy for communicating and connecting with the general public. It helps keep the company in the minds of its consumers and potential buyers which can eventually lead to more sales near future and improves their brand’s image. However, companies should also have training programs and social media usage requirements in place to ensure their employees know how to use social media adequately, and know what kind of usage is permitted and prohibited. However, companies should not micromanage their employees, and should not try to re-invent the wheel when it comes to training and policies. The policies should be clear and concise, and they should also ensure they review and adjust their social media strategy and codes regularly because social media is always changing and they do not want their practices to be outdated or ineffective. Yes, this social media training and policies can seem like a lot of initial work, but the increased brand image and potential increased sales are worth the time and effort required.

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