What is Social Style?

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We all have a preferred Social Style. It is determined by the degree that we emote ourselves and whether we are more Ask Assertive or Tell Assertive. The original Research was done on this by the TRACOM Group over 40 years ago. This will then determine where we are on the following Grid - Driving, Expressive, Analytical or Amiable

This is also normed by population group, to ensure that 25% of the working population fall into each one of the Social Styles. More important though is;

1 - What other people feel our Social Style is (50% of people have a differing Social Style to how others rate them)

2 - How we can develop our Versatility to adapt to another's Social Style (There are some clear correlations here with Emotional Intelligence)

In order to recognise our own Social Style TRACOM have developed a range of Self Perception and Multi-Rater Tools that measure both Social Style and Versatility

For more info please visit www.accelerate.uk.com/social_styles_profile_and_training.html


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