7 best business travel destinations in the world

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What makes a city a great place to do business? For us it’s a combination of fantastic, multi-faceted conference venues and working spaces plus great things to see and do around town. Here are seven of the best business travel destinations in the world.


Las Vegas, US

What it offers in entertainment is (almost) matched by what it offers as a premier business destination. Sin City is home to three of the 10 largest convention centres in the US, its flagship being the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the best-equipped convention centres in the country and boasting around 3.2 million square feet of space. Every year, around five million people come to Las Vegas to attend a conference. And when the corporate day ends, there’s plenty to keep you, your colleagues and your clients entertained. Head to one of Las Vegas’ many casinos to see a fantastic act, or spend some cash on the Strip.


Top industries: Tourism, gaming, entertainment, manufacturing, aerospace.


San Diego, US  

As the proud host city of Comic-Con, the wildly popular entertainment and comic convention, San Diego has long had a strong association with pop culture and the arts. But it’s also a thriving business destination in its own right - its abundance of meeting venues and conference halls makes it one of the best business travel destinations in the world. This year, that label will be confirmed as the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the voice of the global business travel industry, is hosting its 2018 convention at the city’s Convention Center. San Diego is also one of the premier health and wellness destinations in the US - the combination of quality healthcare institutions, cutting-edge research and fantastic weather make it a popular place to head to.


Top industries: Aerospace, textiles, health and wellness, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals.


Sydney, Australia

Coming to Sydney on business is every road warrior’s dream: from the architectural marvels that are the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge to world-famous beaches and fantastic restaurants and bars, this cosmopolitan city really is one of the most idyllic places for business travel. Australian business destinations could also be set for a trade boost, particularly from UK firms. Research commissioned by GTMC, which represents Britain’s business travel community, found that post-Brexit, 90% of British companies think Australia will be the most important trading partner for the UK. Regularly ranked as Australia’s number one business destination, Sydney is perfectly poised to attract this passing trade.


Top industries: Financial services, insurance, law, IT, telecoms.


Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a destination to watch in 2018. Named by Bloomberg alongside Turkey as the most attractive emerging market for the year ahead “by some measure”, Mexico’s growth, yields and asset valuations make it a significant growing economy. Mexico City, the biggest city in Latin America, is one of the most important corporate destinations in the world. Why Mexico City isn’t ranked up there with New York and London is somewhat baffling - it has world-class conference venues, hotels and meeting spaces, it is a fantastic cultural destination and, of course, boasts out-of-this-world food.


Top industries: Construction, textiles, plastics, tourism.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Named by Virgin as one of the world’s best start-hub destinations, over the past few years Tel Aviv has garnered a reputation as a city where the great and the good come to set up businesses. Its tech scene rivals those of Silicon Valley, London and Dublin, and the whole city is said to be full of entrepreneurial buzz. Gon Ben David, CEO of Roomer, a virtual marketplace for hotel reservations, told Virgin: “The atmosphere is amazing – the creative energy, the collaborative community and the feeling that everyone is so passionate and humane is very refreshing, and adds a very special layer to doing business.”


Top industries: Technology, mining, manufacturing, tourism.


London, UK

Named by American Express as the leading international destination for business trips, London simply has to feature on our list. While much of the city’s business activity takes place in the City (AKA the Square Mile), the whole place is a thriving hub, whether it’s large multinationals or budding startups. London’s number of meeting venues and convention centres are legion, and it’s also an exciting and vibrant place to spend time, thanks to its abundance of great architecture, culture and places to eat and drink.


Top industries: Financial services, professional services, media, tourism, technology.


Hong Kong

The city-state Hong Kong has practically been engineered to be a top business destination: proactive free market policies and the free flow of information make it one of the planet’s leading business destinations. Its stock is also high thanks to it being one of the least corrupt economies in the world. When the business day is up, admire the spectacular laser show over the city’s skyline and sample some top notch local food.


Top industries: Financial services, market trading, tourism, professional services.

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About Irma Hunkeler

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