How to Become a Good Online Trainer

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Online training is the new trend that has widely emerged over the past few years. These courses have a great hype because you can take them from the comfort of your home. They don’t cost much, and you end up with great new skills. There are a lot of platforms that offer a wide range of courses, and nowadays you can learn anything over the internet. Some of these courses are even credited widely, even some great universities like Cambridge is offering online courses. You can fairly imagine the scope of online training.

When these training started, most of them were on small topics by people who had knowledge of the subject. However, when people saw potential in online training, the scope raised too, and more people started getting in.

Now there are multi-billion companies like Lynda, which is a fully functional online training website which covers hundreds of courses on various subjects. However, doing it on such a bigger level just means that you have to produce a lot every day without thinking about the value.

There are so many other examples, and since everyone is doing the online training, you can easily see that even non-professionals have started to train subjects they have no knowledge of. Everyone looks for earning views and eventually money and worrying very little about giving true knowledge.

Some of the content in online training is not even authentic, people just gather up data without checking its authenticity and start preaching.

The best ways to actually help people via online training are given below.

  • Only tell authentic stuff

This one is very important because once you tell a wrong thing to someone, it is going to stay wrong until someone is kind enough to correct them. This is even wrong ethically, everything you tell your audience in an online course should be hundred percent authentic. People rely on you and spend their resources to take the training. Authenticity should be your top priority when it comes to teaching people.

  • Have knowledge of the subject

Before you go to the internet and become a trainer, make sure that you have enough knowledge about the stuff you are going to teach. You should only tell what you fully comprehend so people can understand you. Don’t just go for money because 'value' is what that matters.

  • Quality over quantity

This is true for every walk of life but especially important when you are teaching people. You have to be specific and not go into irrelevant stuff. You also have to make sure that you are producing qualitative stuff and what you can easily handle in a day rather than focusing on releasing more material every day.

  • Join good platforms

Now that you have decided to teach online and become a professional trainer, you can try out various ways to teach online.

i) Lynda:

You can apply to become an instructor on Lynda, which is one of the largest online education websites.

ii) Udemy:

You can also make video courses and host it on marketplaces like Udemy.

iii) Kajabi:

You can opt for making your own branded site and start selling online courses using platforms like Kajabi, which is an all-in-one platform for marketing, selling, and delivering your courses online. Kajabi is the best platform for seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs who want to power their business.

  • Be relevant

To give out more insight about the subject, you might lose track of the real topic. That happens with a lot of trainers, and that’s why it is so important to stay relevant. Relevancy helps to give out quality and value to the readers and viewers so try your best to stay on the subject.

Final words

Giving out value is obviously important. And it will eventually be good for you because if people get benefitted from you, that’s your marketing. You don’t have to worry about views and more people taking your training if you provide quality. People will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances, and word of mouth is by far the most important marketing tool.



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