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Jennifer Philipe
Training Manager
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 Similar to the pleasure derived by customers from having a customized experience when using services or purchasing products, the trends of eLearning will have a higher appeal when users can decide what they want to learn and when they want to practice their new skills. The essential aspect of developing an eLearning model is to ensure that it is engaging enough to interest the user.

In this article, some of the current eLearning trends will be evaluated, they include:

Incorporated features of microlearning

Learners will describe a horrible eLearning experience as one when they are made to read long texts after which they will be made to answer a series of questions based on what they have just read. Better eLearning models include more effective learning models which incorporate features of microlearning. In this process, the learners are introduced to the exercises gradually with minimal assignments spread out to cover the scope they are meant to learn. The microlearning model has been widely adopted, and there are currently services offering assistance with specific types of tasks.

eLearning through comments

 This system involves the use of educational videos with the option of expressing your opinion after watching the videos in a comment section below. The comment section is open to everyone and learning is enhanced when you read comments from other people who have some things to add to the content of the video.

Regular reviews and business analysis

 Many businesses have a customer base made up of diverse consumers. Meeting the needs of your customers can only be achieved when you understand what they want. This means regular assessments of feedback from the use of questionnaires should be done to understand consumer behavior and to know what influences their buying pattern.

Targeted Learning

 The diverse nature of consumers makes it quite challenging for companies to develop a unique eLearning strategy that can be used by everyone. This has led to the development of different models through varying approaches to meet the diverse needs of the customers. There exists a diversified consumption frame for each consumer category, what the nursing mother desires will be different from what the college student wants to purchase. Understanding the diversified consumption frames will help companies understand the needs of their consumers better.

Video Posts

Propagating eLearning with the use of videos has become a very common activity. Every day, thousands of companies in different niches – data management, healthy lifestyle, protein shakes etc. post millions of videos on the social media and the level of interaction with these videos as seen in the “likes” is overwhelming. This means your audiences are willing to watch short tutorial videos. Companies facing challenges in developing customized videos for their brands can use the common ones already featured on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Since it has become a popularly accepted medium, every company should take advantage of using videos to interact with their audience.

Using Applications

 The importance of stable apps that run smoothly cannot be overemphasized. You will be losing a lot of value if your brand's app is not functioning properly. Currently, people take advantage of every opportunity to enhance their skills by learning something new from the latest apps on their mobile phones.

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