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365 Degree Feedback to replace 360 for Leaders?

20th Oct 2009
Senior Consultant & CEO Track Surveys
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You may be interested in this article on 'Fierce Leadership' - which is really all about emotional intelligence:
The section on feedback suggests we bin anonymous 360 Feedback and replace this with what the author calls 365 Degree Feedback, that is, face-to-face feedback.
I think anonymous and face to face feedback are complimentary, rather than either/or practices.

Face to face feedback is critical, especially between managers and their teams, and 360 Degree Feedback should never be used to replace face to face discussions and frequent, immediate feedback.

However there is strong case for anonymous 360 Degree Feedback where, for example, more junior team members don't have the confidence or the opportunity to provide feedback to senior people. 360 is also very useful because everyone responds to the same questions, and therefore any patterns of activity or behaviours that colleagues have observed will become clear, which is not necessarily the case with one to one feedback.

What does the group think?


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By pboney
16th Jul 2013 20:04

Great minds think alike!  We are replacing 360 with a tool called Tilt 365.  It's based on two decades of research and a fully validated web application available 365 days a year. 

Learn more at


Pam Boney,

Founder & CEO, 

Tilt Inc. 




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