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Are employers ineffective at supporting new managers?

28th Oct 2009
Senior Consultant & CEO Track Surveys
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In this recent US based survey, only 24% of respondents rated their organization as “good” when it came to employees making the transition from individual contributor to manager.

I wondered if this was the same in the UK, and if it also applies to other key transitions such as manager (role) to departmental or organisational leadership roles?  Would like to hear views and comments on this, seems like it's a critical piece that's missing?


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By Penni Shirley
02nd Nov 2009 13:20

In our organization we have found we promote the individual that does a great job.  We put them in a management position and forget to give them the tools to actually manage.  We assume since they did a great job they will figure out how to manage.  Our training for 2010 will designed around "2010 the year for Manager accountability".  If you create managers that can manage people the processes will take care of themselves!

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By martin-kc
04th Nov 2009 15:19

My experience is similar to Penni in that organisations tend to promote someone because they are good at their particular role. This does not automatically make them good leaders or managers. All too often they are then left to get on with the job and learn while they do it. Some are fortunate and have good managers/leaders themselves who take the time to coach and mentor them as much as possible. However, most are left to fend for themselves and often the stress that they encounter is incredible which usually then as a knock on effect to their team. This is where extenal training, coaching and mentoring can help. The difficulty when speaking to organisations is getting them to see the need.

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