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Employees with Entrepreneurial Engagement?

24th Aug 2010
Senior Consultant & CEO Track Surveys
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This article about employee engagement in the Guardian got me thinking today about the most highly engaged group you could ever get: entrepreneurs.  They work late and at weekends, don't take holidays, earn less than their employees and generally suffer from terminal optimism!


- are completely accountable, the buck stops with them
- their salary is based on their performance - if they don't perform they
don't get paid
- they are emotionally attached to their idea, their organisation, their baby
- they have a belief in what they do
- they have an ability to see the long-term, which
is what motivates them to continue when things are difficult
- they know that getting the right people is critical and that
managing people right will be a key part of their success; so they
learn how do it it or they bring someone else in to do it!

What would it take to get your employees Entrepreneurially engaged?


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