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Generate: Performance support; Virtual reality

10th Feb 2015
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And so we come to the end of our Generate posts from the recent Learning Technologies exhibition. Definitely a success for the first year of a new initiative, but as you can see, some of the questions were more popular than others (here and here are some more engaged examples). A good platform to build on though, wouldn't you say? Thanks again to Laura and all at Towards Maturity and Mark and the team at LT.

What are your top tips for introducing performance support?

  • Check out the work of Bob Mosher (5 moments of need)
  • Build support tools into formal learning that staff can use back at work
  • Be clear with what is designed to do / not do
  • Provide tools which are accessible and familiar

What role can Virtual Reality play in learning?

  • Brings gamification to life
  • Accelerates the experiential process
  • Safe simulation of dangerous situations e.g. environmental visualisation
  • Experience new environments without the risk
  • Contextualises the learning
  • You can not only imagine the reality but really understand the daily problems of it

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