Book Review: Your Book is the Hook

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I was recently asked to do a book review of Karen Williams’s latest book: Your Book is the Hook. I put my hand up for this because this is an area I have been researching lately as I too contemplate writing “my” book. I think everyone has one book in them and I am keen to find out how I too can achieve this goal.

As part of my preparation I checked out Karen’s website and noted that she had already published a number of other books so she was speaking with authority when writing about why you need to write a book and how to approach it. Karen’s writing style is very conversational and appropriate for this type of self-help book. It not only engages you but it also challenges you to undertake certain actions at particular points in time in order to succeed. The book has a very clear roadmap in what needs to be done and when. It supplements this with a variety of case studies from Karen’s clients and friends as well as bringing in Karen’s personal experience and practical tips.

One aspect I did enjoy about the structure of the book was the placement of “Things to think about” at various points in the book. They are used as refresher points but I also found them useful as calls to action – not only things I needed to think about but also things I needed to do. In addition, the placement of Top Tips throughout the book allows you to take time to ponder and assess a particular point and let it resonate with you.

Karen not only provides the reader with the encouragement and purpose to write their book but she is also realistic and confronts the various challenges that the reader will encounter in this journey. She tells it as it is and ensures that the reader does go into this process eyes wide open. The format and layout of the book is easy to follow with short sharp chunks of information presented throughout, allowing the reader to book mark a position, apply what they have learnt and then come back and pick it up again.

The section on publishing is very good as it outlines how easy it can be in today’s digitised economy to be a published author. Her tips on Kindle publishing are very perceptive. Karen also manages to cover the importance of marketing and “brand you” and how that can link in and influence your new book. He suggestion on having a social media presence, regular blogging and how to use Amazon more effectively are all aspects that are sometimes overlooked by budding authors.

Even if you are not ready yet to write your book now, the tips and assistance that Karen provides can help you write your blog, your newsletter or even your business marketing plan. Your Book is the Hook will help establish you as the “expert” you are and the “expert” people will want to read, engage and interact with. It enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it. Rating: 8 out of 10.

Con Sotidis is a senior learning and performance consultant with LearnKotch Consulting. In this role, Con works with organisations to assist them achieve their business goals by developing effective and efficient learning and performance strategies. He is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, Certified Professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and a member of the Association of Talent Development (formerly ASTD). Con is a published author, having contributed a chapter on MOOCs in the recent book: This Time, It's Personnel: Humane Resourced 2. Twitter: @learnkotch LinkedIn: Con Sotidis

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