Founder How to Accelerate Learning
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Like champagne without the fizz.....

14th Dec 2015
Founder How to Accelerate Learning
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Style over substance?So your objectives are achievable. The design is brain friendly, so you know it will be memorable. You use accelerated learning principles and the ball will be in the learners court 70% of the time....but........are you providing your organisation with a Grand Cru that has lost its fizz?

  • Is your training aligned to what the business really needs?
  • Could you have chosen another method of learning, instead of training, that would have been more appropriate or cost-effective?
  • Are the stakeholders involved in the analysis and the evaluation phases?
  • Are the outcomes going to improve performance in some way to improve the way the organisation operates?
  • Are L&D seen as change agents, in-step with the reality of the changes going on with the organisation?

Brilliant workshops do not lead to a brilliant organisation unless they are leading the change at the same rate and in the same direction as the organisation. L&D have to be in step with the organisation and the way in which learning is changing. Donald Taylor, talks in more detail abut the "Training Ghetto", a place where many L&D teams find themselves - not changing fast enough to keep up with the change in the organisation and not being part of the conversation for change.

If you want to find a way out of the ghetto, then train your trainers in a way that inspires them as well as giving them the language to speak to the key stakeholders within the organisation. Next Learning Loop workshop February 29th - March 1st, 2016

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