7 Ways to Create Year-Round Marketing Opportunity

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Still promoting your business on the same outdated, ineffective platforms? Without an effective marketing strategy, you'll struggle to connect with prospects and generate sales. Thankfully, there are ways to create year-round marketing opportunities and increase your business's revenue.

#1) Harvest Data

Don't underestimate the importance of data in your business's marketing efforts. 44 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers use data to improve customer interactions and 36 percent use it to gain deeper insight into their customers' behaviors. Using data, you can identify untapped markets, nurture prospects through the sales cycle, find sales "bottlenecks" and more.

#2) Collect Email Addresses

Collecting email addresses can also create new marketing opportunities for your business. 72 percent of U.S. consumers prefer to communicate with companies via email. As a business owner, you can use email to notify customers about new products, cross-promote similar products based on customers' past purchases and funnel traffic to your business's website or social media accounts.

#3) Create Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas is an important step in optimizing your business's marketing strategy. Basically, a buyer persona is a segment of your target audience based on historical data like demographics and purchases. With buyer personas, you'll have a better understanding of who exactly is interested in buying your business's products or services; thus, allowing you to create targeted, effective marketing campaigns for each audience segment.

#4) Research Competition

Research your competitors to see how they promote their products or services. Thanks to the internet, researching competition is a relatively easy process. You can search for keywords associated with your business on Google, for instance, to see competitors' ads and search listings. While you shouldn't copy your competitors' marketing strategy, you can use this information to differentiate your business from the rest.

#5) Develop a Mobile App

Another way to create year-round marketing opportunities is to develop a mobile app. The global mobile app market is expected to grow by $63 billion over the next two years. Regardless of your business's industry or what it offers, an app can help you succeed by offering a new marketing channel. Using an app, you can connect with your business's target audience, promote your products or services, and create stronger brand recognition. You can learn more about app development by enrolling in a coding bootcamp Dallas.

#6) Invest in CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a smart investment that's guaranteed to help your business succeed. It offers a portal through which businesses can manage interactions with prospects and customers. Depending on the specific type, common features of CRM software include email scheduling, lead management, social media management, analytics reporting and contact management. Companies will spend more money on CRM than any other software by 2021, attesting to its popularity.

#7) Content Marketing

Finally, you can create more marketing opportunities for your business by publishing high-quality, relevant content online. Known as content marketing, you can use it to promote your business and the products or services it offers. Without going into too much detail, it involves creating high-quality content that your audience wants to read or otherwise access.

Once this content is published online, prospects will find your business, some of whom may inquire about purchasing your products or services. You can perform content marketing on your business's website, social media accounts, blog, forums, email and other online channels.

Don't limit your business's marketing strategy to seasonal or otherwise minimally effective tactics. Consider the tactics listed here to create marketing opportunities that work all 12 months of the year.


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