Best Ways to Track Customer Satisfactions

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Customer Service

Every entrepreneur would like to think himself or herself as a provider of top-notch customer service. Customer service could probably be the most significant differentiator of small business owners. Customer service is all about identifying problems and resolving them right away. However, only agile enterprises often excel in this. You must provide excellent customer service to achieve your customer satisfaction goal. Listening and learning are some of the ways small business owners use to improve customer satisfaction. You could take notes about your customer worries, observe their body language, and listen to their tone and words to understand their concerns before you respond.


Moreover, treating customers as you would like to be treated can improve their satisfaction. The way your staff interacts with potential customers is as meaningful as what you envision. Customers want to see the sunny side of a product or service provider, so try to fit yourself in their shoes. You could also improve customer satisfaction by carrying the goals of your customers wherever your business has a presence. Below are some of the ways to measure customer satisfaction.


Utilize Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics are more comprehensive and accurate than surveys when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction. Engagement analytics often reveals more actionable and valuable customer satisfaction insights than online reviews. Utilizing customer engagement metrics often helps overcome shortcomings inherent in customer satisfaction survey.


Your company has no limit on the type of ideas it can glean when you apply analytics to all forms of customer engagement including social posts, emails, phone calls, and live chats. Moreover, small business owners can run customer engagement analytics in the background to ensure clients don't dedicate their effort or time.


As such, you don't have to weigh the tradeoff between customer experience and customer satisfaction insights. Furthermore, customer engagement metrics allow entrepreneurs to shift their focus to customer satisfaction metrics at any time. That way, you can explore other options if you realize a section of customers is dissatisfied with your services or product.


Social Media Pages

Social media is the newest avenue where customers raise their concerns about a product or service. Tech-savvy customers no longer complain through the customer support. Instead, they use Facebook and Twitter to share about services or products with influencers. Facebook posts and tweets can reach millions of people within seconds. As such, it's wise to monitor your brand over social media regularly.


Twitter and Facebook are the most relevant social media platforms that entrepreneurs should track. However, it's equally important to monitor websites and forums such as Yelp and Reddit. You can use an array of tools to track the performance of a brand on social media.


Customer Conversion

A direct interview is another excellent way to measure customer satisfaction level. It's easier to understand the needs of your customers when you interview them face-to-face. You can end up with a wealth of actionable insights when you conduct one-on-one interviews in conjunction with online customer surveys. Evaluating the attitude of your customers towards a particular product or service can help measure their satisfaction level.


Website Analytics

You could be losing out on a lot of opportunities by neglecting your Google Analytics. Google analytics can help identify the part of your website that draws the most traffic. That way, it's easier to learn how visitors behave on your website. Website analytics is a passive way to measure customer gratification and gauge customer traffic on your site. Moreover, website analytics can help identify areas that need improvement and learn how you can convert website visitors into customers.



The email is a valuable tool to gauge customer satisfaction rates. You can send prospects personal emails to elicit a response. Moreover, you can use the email to monitor customer satisfaction level. For example, you can send automated emails asking customers whether they are happy or dissatisfied with a service or product. Moreover, you can send your online customer satisfaction surveys using the email.

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