How to Use the Cloud to Train Your Team

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Onboarding new employees requires that you provide sufficient training to help them quickly become productive. For this reason, you should do everything possible to ensure that your company provides the necessary structure, opportunities and support. Fortunately, the cloud can help.

Already, many exciting trends promise to help businesses train new hires without excessive downtime or expense. Meanwhile, employee turnover continues to challenge firms as does evolving technology. Still, the cloud serves as a framework that supports all the new ways to train new employees.

Train on demand

Thanks to the cloud, your new employees can complete their training whenever and wherever they can. This includes accessing your company’s cloud via mobile devices, laptops and personal computers. You can even make training materials available to your new employees before their official first day of work.

In addition to providing multimedia resources, you can also provide HR forms, employee manuals and training materials via a centralized cloud-storage repository such as Google Drive. Additionally, you can create private social media communities and project management apps to support learning.

After using self-paced learning to bring employees on board, remember to schedule training for your mission-critical applications. For your accountants, that could mean your NetSuite alternative, while it could mean your social media scheduling software for your marketing team.

Make it fun

Gamification gives you a chance to use tools from the gaming world to improve employee engagement. Use points and other rewards to motivate your new hires to do their best. You can even introduce competition as they race to the “next level” of their training program.

When you drive employee engagement with workplace gamification, you can also introduce quizzes and practical exercises that reinforce learning and provide for providing targeted reinforcement training.

Best of all, when you use the cloud to gamify employee training, you give your employees instantaneous feedback on their progress and give them a chance to advance at their own pace. In other words, you create a self-motivated labor force that will naturally strive for excellence.

Unite diverse teams

Remote workers can save you thousands of dollars annually, but they also can create training headaches. Try using cloud-based video conferencing tools to get all your workers together in one virtual location. This makes it easy for you to provide groups with live lectures and Q&A sessions.

You can also use video conferencing platforms to build relationships with your team. Seeing a face and hearing a face associated with the names of otherwise unknown coworkers can dramatically improve the culture of your firm.

Having distant learning tools available can also increase the appeal of your job openings. While some businesses require employees to physically attend training sessions in their facility, you can allow your non-traditional team members to attend via the cloud.

Invest in People

Rather than training your new hires with the sole intent of performing tasks like cogs in a machine, use your training program to demonstrate that you value them as people. Spend time getting to know your employees and find out what they would like to learn and how they would like to advance in your organization.

Based on the personal relationship you build with your employees, develop them that helps them reach their goals. You will discover that investing in employee training creates surprising benefits for your business.

Even when you have employees doing work that they don't like, you can give them hope by providing them with training and educational opportunities that will qualify them for a different position when it becomes available.

In summary, the cloud gives you a chance to provide high-quality training opportunities to your new employees while controlling expenses. Remember to get feedback from your employees to get suggestions and opinions that can help you continuously optimize your training program. Also, pay attention to industry news to stay abreast of emerging training technologies and trends.

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