Elections and the Gift of Power

Rod Webb
Commercial Director, Glasstap Limited
Glasstap Limited
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In the aftermath of all the recent political excitement, including the meteoric rise of President Macron in France and the recent elections here in the UK, I’ve found myself reflecting on the nature of power and influence, and particularly on a fairy story I wrote some years ago. It was written to support the work of one my brilliant associates who was writing a series of three modules on Influence and Power for Trainers’ Library. 

In the story, Bon Bon, a seemingly weak girl, manages to defeat the dragon that is threatening her village. She achieves this, not by using her own physical strength, but by tapping into the skills, attributes and support of those around her. Participants in the exercise are invited to consider where the power that gives her the strength to defeat the dragon comes from.

The key learning is that whilst self-belief and a clear vision are important, power and influence comes ultimately from others, and from the skills, abilities and support they lend us. Lend is an important word here – it’s always important to recognise that influence and power are gifts from others that can be taken back at any time. 

The day-to-day strength of our work teams also comes from the various skills and abilities that we have within them, the way that we work effectively to harness those skills, and the support we give each other.

We’ve always considered our members a part of our team. Many of them have been instrumental in the development of Trainers’ Library since we launched the service in 2003, whether that’s through their loyal support, their reviews of training materials, their valuable feedback or the ideas they've shared.

You can read our customers’ reviews by clicking on the numbered yellow star next to a training activity’s title. Here are a few that have been reviewed very recently:

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Murder at Glasstap Grange
Witches of Glum (Available as a Free Sample of our materials.)

As for the modules, on Influence and Power that includes Bon Bon’s story, you’ll find them here:

Influence 1 – The Games People Play
Influence 2 – Sources of Power (Featuring the story of Bon Bon.)
Influence 3 – Profile of Power

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About Rod Webb

Rod Webb

Rod is co-founder and Commercial Director at Glasstap® (www.glasstap.com), the company behind  Trainers' Library® and Managers' Library (www.managerslibrary.com).

Rod has overall responsibility for the Glasstap brand and the day to day operations of the business.

Through its innovative Trainers' Library® service, Glasstap® provides trainers with easy access to its unique range of innovative, experiential learning materials, including detailed trainer's notes, handouts, participant briefs etc. The service is used by professional trainers in over 50 countries.

The recently launched Managers' LIbrary aims to help line managers become better at fulfilling their part in the leraning and development cycle providing loads of short training activities that can be used in team meetings and lots of self-development tools for the managers themselves.

Rod is the author of an extensive catalogue of experiental training materials, available through Trainers' Library®, which includes teambuilding games like Murder at Glasstap Grange and Jack Fruggle's Treasure. He now works with a team of authors who continue to develop new material for Trainers' Library and Managers' Library.

In his spare time, Rod enjoys creative writing, reading, horse riding and photography.


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