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In my last blog, I explored Retention and the need, first and foremost for learners to remember the training you give them. This week, I want to explain the importance of Inspiration.

We’ve probably all been on courses where the trainer, having perhaps noticed a few nodding heads in the graveyard session after lunch, has introduced an ‘energiser’ to wake everyone up. This is frequently the most memorable session of the day; often because the exercise appears to bear absolutely no relevance to anything else!

There is little point in training being memorable if the learner cannot make the connection between it and the real-life challenges they face back in the workplace. But relevance alone, isn’t enough either. Action doesn’t come from simply having the ‘right’ knowledge - ultimately our behaviours are driven as much, if not more, by our feelings and beliefs.

Don’t believe me? Imagine you’re on a training course and half way through I bring out two trays: One with a selection of fresh cream cakes and delectable delicacies – and the other laden with lumps of raw cauliflower and broccoli. Which will you choose?

Ultimately, the behaviour we adopt is dependent upon what we know, and the importance we place on that knowledge – what we believe. We all know that the healthy choice would be to only eat the broccoli and cauliflower, but our feelings and beliefs will lead most of us to do something else! 

If we want to inspire our learners, we need to achieve two things. We need to help them make the connection between the learning and their ‘real’ lives, and we need them to really believe in the changes they can make and the positive differences they will bring to their lives, or those of others.

That requires a light bulb moment that can only be achieved by experiences that challenge existing beliefs.

The best trainers know that the real measure of their success is the Action that takes back in the workplace after the training. And it’s usually fairly easy to predict where the best outcomes are going to be achieved. Truly inspired learners leave the training impatient to deliver change and with a clear plan to make this happen. Their passion, determination and excitement is magnetic and almost tangible.

Retention and Inspiration are why we put so much effort into designing truly experiential learning, whilst Inspiration is why we include detailed discussion questions and learning points in our trainer’s notes. We want learners to question their existing beliefs and get excited about what’s possible! 

Rod Webb


About Rod Webb

Rod Webb

Rod is co-founder and Commercial Director at Glasstap® (, the company behind  Trainers' Library® ( and Managers' Library (

Rod has overall responsibility for the Glasstap brand and the day to day operations of the business.

Through its innovative Trainers' Library® service, Glasstap® provides trainers with easy access to its unique range of innovative, experiential learning materials, including detailed trainer's notes, handouts, participant briefs etc. The service is used by professional trainers in over 50 countries.

The recently launched Managers' LIbrary aims to help line managers become better at fulfilling their part in the leraning and development cycle providing loads of short training activities that can be used in team meetings and lots of self-development tools for the managers themselves.

Rod is the author of an extensive catalogue of experiental training materials, available through Trainers' Library®, which includes teambuilding games like Murder at Glasstap Grange and Jack Fruggle's Treasure. He now works with a team of authors who continue to develop new material for Trainers' Library and Managers' Library.

In his spare time, Rod enjoys creative writing, reading, walking, cycling and spending time with his horses and dogs. He's currently creating a new board game.


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