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a tale to inspire us all

31st Jan 2013
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I'm not usually given to worshipping at the altar of celebrity, but I was utterly inspired by the TV documentary "The Mary Berry Story" on Tuesday this week.

There were just so many lessons to be gleaned from the story of her life;

She had polio as a child and was quite seriously affected by it but........ she still went on and worked her entire career

She 'flunked' at school (2 O levels in Art and Domestic Science) but....... still blagged her way into college.

Her teachers and her father never really encouraged her but....... she still went out and got a job...not just any job but a good job with good perks and prospects

Her family were clearly wealthy and influential but........ she got her jobs, not by nepotism but by applying for vacancies advertised in the paper.

Her second employer didn't offer her any training...... so she went and asked for it and justified it and got sent to Paris to do it (she also paid for her own accomodation whilst there) 

When she got to the training school in Paris it was totally not what she expected, either the establishment or her fellow students...... but she still knuckled down and learnt everything she needed to.

When faced in her job with a lack of resources to produce the quality of results necessary...... she used her initiative to get the job done.

and now, at the age of 77 she is not only still working but....... is a charming, pleasant and inspiring human being.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit soppy, but......wouldn't the workplace be a nicer place if there were  a few more Mary Berrys?


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