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believe it or not, THIS IS TRUE!

24th Sep 2012
Consultant Coach and Courses
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In rural Colorado there lives a fine chap by the name of Randy Cassingham.  He runs a website where he provides a digest of the world's wierd and wonderful and the stories are often so bizzare that they make wonderful case studies for training programmes.

They also make you smile....or sometimes wonder when the human race lost its marbles.

Randy is also kind enough to provide a little par of newletters from this site; one is free and the bumper version has a very modest subscription. Each provides a great read on Saturday morning.

Being an egalitarian American, Randy also runs a little sideline called "The Honorary Unsubcribe", which is an obituary column for people who don't necessarily make it to the mainstream obits., but who had a major effect on the world in, perhaps, an unsung way.

I'd like to recommend Randy's work to all TZers, he has been a constant source of smiles, growls and case studies for me!

IF you take a look and decide to subscribe, or just like what you found, can you support the motion by popping back here and adding a comment.....then I'll know whether this recommendation has been appreciated.  Obviously if it isn't, I won't seek to repeat it.

Rus Slater

You can see Randy's work at:




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