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the missing message from London 2012

8th Aug 2012
Consultant Coach and Courses
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Over the past few days, I’ve received four newsletters, and three links to blogs, all relating to the wonderful success of the Team GB Olympians. They all tell me that I can replicate the athletes’ success if I do whatthey did:
  •   Have clarity on my goals and outcomes
  •  Devise a strategy to win
  • Go out there with a will to win
  • Have passion
  • Take calculated risks
  • Bounce back from setbacks
Now this all seems to be eminently sensible advice and I’m pretty sure that, once the Olympics is over, we in the training industry will find a number of 2012 medal winners offering us and our customers the benefit of their experience as motivational trainers, speakers and coaches.
What none of the current round of missives seems to focus on, is that the Olympians have all spent six days a week for the last four years in training.
There are many senior managers who have excellent musculature, especially in their forearms, where they grip the purse strings the way Sir Chris Hoy grips the handlebars. 
Let’s hope that the message gets through that cutting L&D budgets isn’t the way to achieve gold!

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By mheath7574
08th Aug 2012 18:37

 ...and have sent it out to my LinkedIn contacts!

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