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20th Mar 2012
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Today’s Tip: Do The Numbers Game

Write down all the clients and associate contracts you currently have. (This includes training companies which have you on their books but who haven’t used you).

Your next step is to analyse who has given you the most work.

Go through your records and add up the total number of days work you have done for each client. Then break it down further into the number of days work done per year.

Now that you have this information rate your clients High, Medium or Low.

Are you relying too much on these clients or training companies. It’s nice to have a steady stream of work but you will be left high and dry if they suddenly stop using you. What can you do to develop a broader customer base? Are you brave enough to break away?

Why has there been less work from these people? Do they know you are still around? How long is it since you contacted them? It could be that you have been so busy keeping the Highs happy that you’ve neglected these vitally important clients. What can you do to build and maintain your relationship with them?

Why is there low or no work from these clients? You need to ask yourself the same questions as above. But here you may need to consider whether they are the right kind of client for you at all – is it worth putting the effort in and reigniting your relationship or do you just need to move on?

Critically evaluating your client list is a useful exercise to do on a regular basis, not just when you feel the need to re-energise your business. It will help you to review and prioritise your marketing activities, and ensure that your efforts are focused in the right direction


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Blake Henegan Optimus Learning Services
By blakehenegan
21st Mar 2012 12:15

These are very wise words from Sharon and be can applied to any work you do really.  

Continually reviewing what you are working on and why you are doing it is a hard thing to do however it helps you ensure you are heading in the right direction. 

-- Blake Henegan Optimus Sourcing

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