Responsive eLearning Design – Why It Matters

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I talk to learning and development professionals daily about the challenges of providing learning that is engaging, relevant, and oh by the way – can be delivered right where and when people need it, which is most often on the go … the quintessential definition of Performance Support (PS).

Ah but there’s a new wrinkle here, the need for learners to access PS on their own device – whether it be iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. A reality that has achieved acronym status “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device. BYOD matters greatly to organizations as it is a cost effective approach to delivering PS to an increasingly busy workforce.

Which begs the million dollar question, “How to create learning content that is compelling, yet plays on virtually any media device?”  A bit of a puzzler that has slowed the tipping point for mobile learning. The answer quite simply is ‘Responsive eLearning Design“.

Responsive eLearning Design means:

  • Learning & PS interventions delivered from one source to multiple devices with no content loss
  • Content responds to or molds itself to devices' dimensions and rearranges itself according
  • Content changes its form or gets layered where required for a better user experience

Why it matters:

  • Increasingly mobile workforce requires and demands flexibility and convenience
  • Content must be available at the point-of-need or time-of-interest
  • Change in computing trends from PCs to mobile devices like laptops, tablets, phablets, and smart phones
  • Myriad operating systems and manufacturers in a wide range of sizes – one size no longer fits all
  • Adoption of BYOD, which has increased variety of mobile devices that eLearning must support

Upside has spent extensive time thinking of how to help our clients address this issue. And the solution arrived at is "FRED" – Framework for Responsive eLearning Development. To understand how FRED approaches Responsive eLearning Design,  please join us for one of the following:

Upcoming Events:

Creating Responsive eLearning with FRED Free Webinar | Mar 4 | 3:00PM (London Time), 10:00AM (New York Time) | Register Now

Creating Responsive eLearning with FRED Free Webinar | Mar 5 | 4:00PM (Sydney Time), 10:30AM (Delhi Time) | Register Now

Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo | March 19-21 | Orlando, Florida, USA | Stand 214

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