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20 minute Training Session on Company Values

I have an interview assessment and would like advice on how to make it as engaging as possible

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Hi everyone

I am new to this forum.

As part of interview process the company would like me to present a twenty minute training session on the comanys values including Trust, Committment and Progressivness.

I want to ensure this is as engaging as possible and would appreciate any ideas of very short activities or ways of getting these values to resonate with the learners.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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By clive boorman
19th Jun 2018 12:46

Not sure if this is too late now but first of all be clear about what the audience will get out of this session and communicate it. For example, is it about why company values are important? or is it to understand the definitions of the values mentioned i.e. Trust etc? What ever it is, be clear yourself and communicate.

How do you make it engaging? don't talk at the group, get them active, tell stories that demonstrate your point. Show a short video maybe. Ask for their ideas and opinions. 20 minutes may seem like a long time but it isn't so practice, practice, practice. Get the timings right. Hope that helps.

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