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70:20:10 in a Contact Centre Induction

What does the '70%' in a regulated Contact Centre look like?

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Does anybody have any advice on how to implement 70:20:10 for a Contact-Centre induction? I love the idea behind the theory but I'm struggling to understand what the 70% looks like for customer-facing new starters, particularly in Financial Services organisations that are heavily regulated and have a Training & Competency Scheme. I have interpreted the 70% as learners actually completing tasks on the job. However surely learning and practising on the job could mean mistakes being made resulting in complaints, potentially attracting interest from the regulators? In Financial Services, agents need to be deemed as 'competent' before they start their role. Therefore, what activities in the '70' would work in this context? Would it be role play and practise in 'training environments' systems, rather than real work?  Or would induction end after the 10% has been completed? Appreciate the 70:20:10 is just a theory and not scientific fact.

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