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A or B?

Reaction to Fidget Toys and Materials

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6 Days ago I posed a question illustrating two training room layouts as per the picture below. One had only documents and papers lying on the table, the other was strewn with materials for fidgeting, handling and playing with. The question was simple; You're attending a training event, you enter the room, which table layout would you prefer: A or B?

As of 15:00 GMT on the 16th April answers have slowed down to a trickle and I have analysed the returns. 
907 people respond to the question. 
127 (14%) Voted A, the room on the left. No materials just pens, name plates and pads.
680 (75%) Voted B, the room on the right.  Materials, pens name plates and pads
100 (11%) Gave a qualified answer or expressed no definite choice.

Three themes emerged from the qualified answers; Some people would begin with the environment empty of all distractions and add the materials as the event unfolded. Some people proposed having the materials in a basket on the table from which people could help themselves. And finally large numbers thought context played a massive role in whether they would use this sort of equipment. Context related to the subject matter and types of people attending. Thank you for participating in this poll.

Garry Platt

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By Garry Platt
16th Apr 2016 16:38

I might add that the responses were collected mostly from across various groups in LinkedIn.

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