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A Simple Question: Which layout would you prefer?

Which table layout would you prefer?

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You're attending a training event, you walk into the room, which table layout would you prefer and why?

A or B
Garry Platt

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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
11th Apr 2016 10:22

I think I'd prefer Room B - mainly because I'd be intrigued as soon as I walked in, and curious about what sort of activities or exercises were planned!

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By clive boorman
12th Apr 2016 08:53

Hi Garry, out of the 2 I would be happier for it to be B. However, to be honest if I entered a course and it was set up in a Board Room style, I would be slightly disappointed about how old school it was. Is this a decision you are facing?

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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
12th Apr 2016 09:59

I'm enjoying the responses to this in our LinkedIn group too!

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By Rus Slater
14th Apr 2016 13:12

A- with B I'd be assuming that they were expecting this event to bore me rigid so they've provided things to help me stay awake!

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Dave Evans, Managing Director at accessplanit
By Dave Evans
21st Apr 2016 13:18


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By SteveRobson
10th May 2016 09:27

I spend a great deal of time planning room layouts and adding items of interest that will stimulate and engage delegates as they enter the room.
99.9999% don't even notice and generally move the "stuff" out of the way and plonk their backpack on the table.
As for the carefully thought out posters..."oh I thought it was left over from the last course"...
For the very small proportion of people who actually do notice I will continue to make an effort!

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By Rita Garcia
16th May 2016 16:44

It would depend on the training topic/purpose, but B tells me the training is going to be fun and active.

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